Givers who don’t receive … burn out

Did you know that the habit of giving and giving and giving is really a big source of burnout? 

You probably do know this — but what you’re not figuring out is how to balance giving with receiving.

Receiving is the part where you actually let in those things that want to come to you  the gifts and thoughts and love of others, the appreciations, the compliments –  all of that good stuff that is coming to you.

We are habitually blocking that good  that wants to come our way, and we don’t recognize our giving/receiving circuit is broken.

give and receive without burnoutHow to practice receiving energy …

It’s a conscious choice. It’s a muscle you actually have to use. 

Here is the practice:

Open to receiving. Use your mind to focus on the idea.

How does it feel in your body? How does it feel in the space around you? How does it feel behind you, above you?

And then, close to receiving.

Notice how that feels when you turn off that receiving impulse – when you create an energetic block, not allowing in anything.

And then, open to receiving again. Open up your field, open it even bigger and notice how that feels.

So ..  simply open, close, and open.  Practice, opening, and closing, and opening and closing until you recognize that it’s actually a choice. You can master this, and you can decide to do it as often as you want.

open to receivingI repeat, more often than not, people are giving to you – you just haven’t recognized how to let it in. 

Of course, you don’t want to let everything in from the world around you. You have to be conscious about that too – that’s a different conversation about boundaries. 

But when you block out everything good coming your way, you’re going to get tired, but we can repair the broken giving/receiving circuit with awareness.

I  really encourage you to think about whether this applies to you – and then, more importantly, practice it. 

If I can help you with rebalancing your giving and receiving circuits, that’s what I do. 

Call me, message me. I look forward to talking to you.

Much love,


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