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What is Soul Work, Anyway?

When you hear the term Soul Work, what happens inside you?

Is there something that breathes a little deeper, finds a little more space for an aspect of you that gets very little attention (but keeps eating at you 24/7)?

It goes beyond career planning – far beyond that! We are so much more than our jobs – thank goodness!!

However, the workplace is a great place to start the inquiry. We spend so many hours a day earning a living.

And, if you aren’t working, you’re probably thinking about finding a job.

And you are looking at retirement, you want to know the next phase of life is meaningful and rewarding.

Here’s a working definition of Soul Work from my perspective – what will you add to it?

  • You are living in alignment with your values (do you know what they are?)
  • You feel a sense of progress (not perfection) and growth
  • You feel a sense of safety – you are not being trampled and traumatized(that doesn’t mean you’re not scared, because risks abound)
  • You feel seen and heard, valued and appreciated (when you are expressing yourself authentically)
  • You are endlessly fascinated by the topic(s) you put your attention on (rabbit hole after rabbit hole)
  • You feel “well used” by Spirit when you do this work (it feels like “the Zone”)
  • You love learning and growing within your area of curiosity; you can’t wait to get back to it every time – even when it’s hard  (just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s your soul work)
  • You enjoy the people you meet on this soul work path (colleagues, collaborators, peers, fellow students)
  • You think about it a lot! (I never stop!)
  • You feel like you are who you were born to be (and that aspect is always growing with you)

What it isn’t:

  • Boring
  • Soul destroying
  • Abusive
  • Crazy-making (some aspects might be as you learn your craft)
  • Dead-end (nowhere to go but down)
  • Risk-free (you might feel like you are leaping off a cliff because it’s so important to you – when you care, it’s scary sometimes)
  • Secure (until you know where your security really lies – then, it’s the most secure thing in the world)
  • Depressing (as in you can’t be yourself, and can’t express yourself)
  • Consistently Exhausting (unless you are on fire with your first publishing deadline!)

What does Soul Work mean to you?  Would you add to this list? I’d love to hear what you think!

We are going to dive deep into the topic of Soul Work this summer …. Why not join us?? soul work, career changes

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In this online group program, you will …

  • Get clear on a bigger vision for your life (a more interesting job that uses your gifts, better hours, better work relationships, perhaps a different location, more recognition, more money, more travel, more fun?)
  • Identify the biggest roadblocks that are keeping you stuck (what will my family think? What if it’s even worse? What if I can’t do it? What about money?)
  • Create a map for you to follow as you step into a more fulfilling work life — your soulwork!

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