Many women have experienced profound change in their lives because of their work with Fran at Bigger Life Now

Here’s a sampling of their thoughts:

Tessa Gray

“Finding Fran was like finding sanctuary. Through an extended period of stress and uncertainty including personal loss and significant change, Fran provided a safe and secure space for me to express and untangle a web of emotions. She witnessed my account of what was often too painful to share with family and friends and helped me to reframe my attention and refocus my energy. Her calm compassion, gentle encouragement and spiritual support, helped me to face new beginnings with greater clarity and optimism, allowing me to move on and out of my own way.”

Ann Cavendish

“Fran is a bright, beautiful soul. The transformations I have reached under her guidance are hard to describe in words. Sometimes the journey’s fun, sometimes it’s hard…the one thing that never changes is the divine love and spirit that Fran is able to inspire within me and around me. I can see now that fruitful relationships, career, motherhood and much more can truly exist harmoniously in one big, beautiful life. Fran is my Athena – the unwavering, loving and wise guide who helps me navigate the tumultuous waters of life.”

Amber G.

“Fran is an exceptional mentor, spiritual guide, teacher, visionary, therapist and on top of that an incredible human being. She has a well of knowledge, and utilizes with incredible success a vast variety of resources and supplementary exercises to her disposal. Those include highly appropriate and thought-provoking books, poetry, meditation, music, art, journaling, and so on. In addition, Fran offers weekly discussion circles, two-hour thematic workshops, and speaks at public events.

One never feels rushed or a sense of not being heard during individual or group sessions, and there is always a ray of light and hope even in dealing with most difficult life situations that Fran radiates. I find the sessions are very well planned, grounding, informative and intuitive at the same time. Fran is an extremely patient human being, and an incredible listener, who also goes above and beyond to help her clients on their journey to self-discovery and growth. I can truly say that the year I have known and learned from Fran was transformational, and I am honored to know Fran as my guide and a mentor.”

L. S.

Before Fran, I was struggling with grief, overwhelm and a deep-seated fear after being diagnosed with work-related PTSD and having a 15-year career come to a screeching halt. Fran helped me recognize that I’m a beautiful soul who has so much to offer the world. She helped me through a journey of self-discovery, where I realized how strong I am, and she helped me craft a future where I could have a job and business that are creative and soul-fulfilling. I now have my dream part-time job and more time to work on a business that feeds my soul. Fran is an amazing person who you can trust and be vulnerable with – I’m so grateful to have her in my life. I highly recommend working with her!