No bitching challenge

No B*ching Challenge

Let’s wake up to the critical inner and outer voices that constantly chip away at our self-esteem and our relationships.

Take the 21 Day No B*ching Challenge and see how your world might change.

It’s Free

Challenge yourself not to complain, or ”bi*tch” about yourself, anyone else, or anything. It’s time to re-frame our thoughts.

April 22nd to May 5th

Sign up for this free challenge, get access to a private and sacred Facebook group where you will receive guidance on how to be gentler and kinder, discuss challenges with fellow participants, and celebrate wins with each other.

“During this last 3 weeks it was interesting to see how my mindset on a lot of things changed ,I found myself being open and naturally more curious and reacting more thoughtfully.”

~ Sara F. ~

“I didn’t think a this challenge could make me happier, but it here I am feeling lighter and happy.”

~ Vicki B. ~

Are you ready to bring more positivity into your life, feel lighter, have more joy, and connect with other women who all want to do the same thing? 


Join the No B*itching Challenge.