Creating questions

The Power of Asking Great Questions

Got a Pesky Problem? Asking questions

What are the questions you’re asking yourself about your particular challenge?

Are they like these ones?

Why can’t I get a break? When will this situation change? Why can’t I get through to my husband? Why is finding a new job so difficult? What is wrong with me? 

Or are they like these ones?

How can I experience more joy, connection and engagement in my next work opportunity? Who will I meet today that will lead to a new door opening? What is in my favor as I meet this new date? How can I experience more fun, pleasure and playfulness in my health journey?

As you can see, there are high vibration questions – they lift your heart and open your mind. And, there are low vibration questions that crush your soul and tank your sense of hope. 

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.” Tony Robbins

Take a moment right now (no, really, do it!) and quickly scan the different aspects of your life – health, finances, work, business, family, relationships, spirituality and so on. Are you smiling, frowning or just feeling flat?

As you observe how you are feeling about each area,  take a guess at the kind of questions you are likely asking – consciously or unconsciously. Are they high vibration or low vibration? Or somewhere in between? Does it depend on how you slept, if someone said something unkind, or on a disappointment you are going through?

No matter what challenges you’re experiencing, and how little control you think you have over your life, you DO have control over the questions you ask. Making a conscious decision to upgrade the quality of the questions will absolutely change the trajectory of your life, starting with the moment you ask the question.

If a question opens your mind and lifts your heart, you feel better. When we ask questions that cause us to look up, physically and metaphorically, we begin to see possibility, feel hope and become curious about how our question will be answered. High vibe questions lead us to high vibe answers … and the opposite is also true.

Your life follows the trajectory of that high or low vibration question into the Universe and you ultimately attract results that hum on the same frequency, for better and for worse. This is the Law of Attraction – it’s always working, no exceptions – whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not. The good news is, once you DO know it and use it properly, your results will be far more rewarding. 

Here’s a simple and profound analogy of a radio tuner taught to me by one of my teachers, Rachael Jayne Groover. 

Bring to mind a challenge you’re dealing with. Which station are you tuned into with the questions you are asking about the problem? Gloomy FM, Reality FM or Potential FM?

Notice how your body feels after questions from each frequency. What do you observe about these three radio stations and where they take you? 

Gloomy FM … 

Why does no one ever notice me? Why am I even bothering to look for work? Why do things never work out for me? Why is it all so hard? When will it be my turn?

What are you feeling? Depressed, closed, exhausted, shut down and heavy?

Reality FM …

Will I be able to get a job in an economy like this? I’ve tried everything, why even look at another plan?  Why bother changing at my age? Am I too old for this kind of thing? Why put myself out there again? I’ve been disappointed so many times. tune in to the right frequency just like tuning in to a radio station

What are you feeling now? Flat, pointless, bored, or doubtful about the future based on what you see in front of you?  It can feel like the future is going to be a lot like the past. (kinda like a 24 hour news station) 

Potential FM

How can I experience more passion, excitement and energy in my life?  How can I share my knowledge, passion and expertise in my next career opportunity? Where will the Universe take me today on my dating adventure? Where would I love to work if I could work anywhere?

Are you feeling hopeful, excited, curious, intrigued, happy, peaceful, wide open, confident?

Can you see how these shifts in thought can make a huge difference to your own frequency level … which changes the vibration you’re humming at, which changes the broadcast you are sending out into the Universe … which changes EVERYTHING??

It sounds simple and on one level it is – AND – as with everything, it’s a process of learning how to craft good quality questions that actually lead to how you want to feel in life – not just after your problem is solved, but now.

In my own quest to discover easier ways to uplevel my vibration, I found a wonderful mentor and now, friend, Kristen Peairs, who created a delightful process of creating powerful questions that can take us into the joyous stratosphere and the sweetest depths of our beautiful beings.

I’m thrilled to be licensed to teach her program l and I couldn’t be more excited to add this material to my offerings. 

Wanna try it out?

On Sunday afternoon, March 10, I will teach my first online workshop with this topic … 

Creating the Question:

How to Make a Shiny Question that Moves You Beyond the Big Problem. 

In this workshop you’ll discover:

  • The real reason you’ve been stuck
  • Ease in creating a magnetic, super-fun question
  • Heart-expanding results you actually want
  • Supportive, playful, perspective-shifting guidance
  • Spaciousness where “stuck” used to be

Creating questions
I promise a fun, uplifting, nourishing afternoon where you can spend time feeling the way you really want to feel … in Potential FM … right now! How awesome is that?

Click here for all the details and registration ….

I can’t wait to see you there! 

Here’s the link to sidelining your Pesky Problem!

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