Your Divine Idea – Opening to a Greater Vision

vision board CalgaryDo you have a dream, a project or a path you want to pursue but can’t quite wrap your head around it?

Do you need to make a decision with regard to a business, a relationship, your vocation, a creative project and are feeling uncertain or stuck?

Is your dream elusive because you can’t quite feel the edges of it, or what it should look like?

Are you judging yourself because you don’t feel a sense of purpose?

Are you stressed because you can’t quite see what to do next?

Are you avoiding your dream because it seems too big? Or too small?

Do you need help to hear the quiet voice within that knows your heart’s desire and your greatest potential?
If so, this 2-hour workshop Your Divine Idea – Opening to a Greater Vision is for you.

Together we will :

  • create a sacred space where you can dream and allow that higher vision for yourself to emerge
  • open the way for your limitless potential to come through
  • create a space of deep listening to hear the Divine’s highest vision or idea for you
  • see, hear, feel, sense and open to the Universe’s plan for any particular project you are working on
  • find a new, fresh perspective beyond your logical, strategic brain

The Divine has so much more in mind for us than we can even imagine, and this is the chance to tap into that “so much more”.

Why do this in a workshop?

  • when you share an expansive intention in community, the creative field is amplified and more energy is available to all those who participate
  • setting a date with the Divine makes all the difference – making a time and place to show up activates your vision
  • I am skilled at creating sacred space for you to get out of your head and into your belly where dreams and desires reside.

It’s happening on Zoom this Sunday afternoon from 2 to 4 pm. I am planning to record it for those who register.

Investment: $37.  BONUS: a complimentary 30 minute laser coaching call to work with the information that arises. 

Want to join me? Register here

What you will need:

  • access to Zoom link which will be provided upon registration
  • a quiet, uninterrupted comfortable space
  • pen and paper, or art supplies (you might draw what comes through)
  • a candle and/or essential oils and/or other sacred objects to support your inward experience
  • optional: quiet, meditative music that is not distracting; minimize your tech
  • willingness to relax and open

What you don’t need:

  • a timer
  • your phone
  • distractions of any kind
  • to be perfect
  • to know what you are doing

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