Good News? Bad News? Or Just News? You Can Choose.

I hope this day is bringing you some news that you want to hear.

I have had a couple of days of getting news I haven’t wanted to hear, and there’s been a tendency to want to label it as “good news” and “bad news.”

I’m recognizing that it’s all just news. How I feel about it is what makes it good or bad. What I do with that news is really what makes it good or bad.

Here is a quick video about this. You can watch it and/or read more below the video.

There are probably about four or five things, just things in life, some health situations with close friends and family that were really difficult to hear. And there was some other news that is just life doing what it does, a decision here or someone else’s decision there that didn’t really line up with what I thought I wanted. But it’s still just news, it’s not good or bad.

In each of those situations, I had a choice to respond to it in a whole bunch of different ways.

I could ignore how I was feeling, get really busy and have it show up in some other way, like blowing up at my son or my husband. (Then it really does turn into some bad news.)  There’s always the option to turn into a Drama Queen, getting all worked up and creating more bad news.

Then there’s this other way, which is to choose to feel: to feel the disappointment, to feel the shock, to feel the anger or fear, the mortification, whatever feeling is showing up that is hard to hold. But I don’t have to hold it for long. I just have to give myself a chance to feel the feeling.

Given how I’m feeling, there emerges a choice, a place that will give me some breathing room and opportunity to feel a little bit better about whatever the situation is so that it no longer becomes good news or bad news. It’s just life unfolding, and I have a choice in how I want to be in that moment.

So, it’s not good news or bad news, just news. I can blow it up, I can avoid it, or I can feel it and then make a choice about how I want to be with that information, that news.

It’s been a really interesting ride the last couple of days to be with that place, and I’m glad that I have choices now in a way that I didn’t have before.

If you’re struggling, if you’re feeling like, “Argh, I’m having all this stress and I don’t know how to hold it as ‘just news’ with some freedom and choice on the other side of it.”  Send me a note or send me a message, and we can have a quick 30-minute conversation and I can help you unwind something and make some suggestions for you.

I also have an introduction to my work coming up on February 24th, and all the details will be in the information below. So I just encourage you to reach out because so much of what we think we don’t have a choice over, we do. It’s really just how we hold the information.

Message me, reach out and we’ll find freedom together.

PS/If you want to attend my Introduction to The Art of Feminine Presence, register here.  It’s $25 to attend, but if you bring a friend, you both get in for free! Best deal, ever!

2 thoughts on “Good News? Bad News? Or Just News? You Can Choose.”

  1. I like it. Just news…we can respond to news without creating extra drama or fueling other people’s drama. Life is simpler that way :). Would you be talking about how to achieve this at your next intro?

    1. HI Viola, I quite likely would address this at my next intro — the foundation practices I teach are all pathways to staying grounded, clear and drama-free … a gift to everyone! Thanks for the feedback!

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