This thing called presence … what is it anyway?

presence feminine energyJust about everything I think about these days involves the idea of presence … we all nod as though we know what the heck that is … it can be elusive and frustrating because we are constantly looking outside ourselves for something that is as close as our own breath.

And, the definitions of presence are multiple and connected, which can add to the confusion.

There’s what I call “Eckhart Tolle presence” (as he explains in his book The Power of Now)  and there’s “personal presence” (some people call this charisma).

And then there’s my favorite topic – Feminine Presence – which connects both definitions in an exquisite way. I see Feminine Presence as a Woman in the Moment, expressing the life force flowing through her in ways that feel natural and nourishing, grounded and sensual.

When a woman moves through life expressing this natural life force, she becomes radiant, magnetic, visible, and potent. When she walks into a room, eyes turn her way, she makes an impact simply by being there – not because of anything she is doing.

All judgments fall away and she is simply a powerful energy that loves to be seen and heard (when she chooses to speak), because she has nothing to hide or apologize for and no one to compare herself to. She is herself. Authentic. No projecting. No Striving. No Effort. Just Being.

 You might think some women have this quality and others don’t – that it’s only the purview of the beautiful, the rich and extroverts. Too bad for everyone else!


Here’s the Truth: If you identify as a woman – and you are alive –  you have feminine presence. But most of us – for so many reasons –  haven’t been taught how to access it.

It can be learned.

In fact, I’ve made it a significant part of my life’s work to wake women up to their amazing presence (physical, energetic and spiritual), to express themselves fully and allow themselves to walk through life with awareness of who they are, taking a stand for that wondrous truth and never playing small again.

Part of that work is rewiring some social norms that have nothing to do with the Truth about ourselves … These are just a few of the basics that need to be confronted (there are many more).

Working like a man

While we still have a long way to go, for decades now, women are running countries, and business enterprises of all kinds. We absolutely share the capacity to lead, but we’ve copied the masculine way of getting things done and it costs us dearly. We work against our bodies’ natural way of expressing energy, because we haven’t been taught how to be both feminine and powerful.

 Self consciousness

We are wired to concern ourselves with what others are thinking about us.

All. The. Time.  Rather than being fully in the moment, curious and engaged, responding to another with an open heart, and seeing where that will take us, an Inner Editor starts planning what we will say or do that will make someone like us. This steals our life force. And it steals joy.


feminine energyThis one is huge, and eats away at many of us – the great question of worthiness and whether we deserve the good things in life – the gifts of love, abundance, health, peace and joy … and here’s the truth: Yes. You do. But it’s not about deserving. It’s your birthright. You were made to feel alive, be alive and enjoy it, and continue to grow and quest for new ways to experience that aliveness. You are alive. So Yes. You are Worthy.


Mark Twain said it best. “Comparison is the death of joy.”  Every time we look outside ourselves and measure, someone comes up short. Us or them and that sucks for both of us. We all do it. It’s a human tendency to evaluate our own progress and achievements, and what is “normal”, based on what someone else does. Wow. The implications of this are enormous, and it’s no wonder we have self-esteem issues.

When we are truly present, we don’t experience this separation between us and them –  we just see ourselves, flowing with and expressing our energy and it’s just fine. Something good always comes from this space. For everyone.

Ignorance about Energy

Most of us haven’t been taught how energy works (I’m still learning!) and we don’t understand how we find ourselves playing small when the stakes are high – those moments when we most want to be seen, heard and make a positive impression. We get passed over, ignored, feel invisible or get sidelined … and we have no idea why.  Most of us don’t know that basic body awareness can change how we express our feminine presence and change that experience.

But, it can be taught.  How?

By joining me for a 2.5 hour introduction to this training on Sunday, September 24 on Zoom – together we will learn some key practices that will awaken your Feminine Presence and leave you feeling nourished and joyful and walking through life with a whole new vibe.

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The Art of Being Seen and Heard as a Woman in Business

And, here is a simple, and profound practice to support you right now:

Do this … (or listen to this)

art of feminine energyStop. Notice how it feels where you are sitting. The chair beneath you. Notice your feet. Feel the natural Law of Gravity taking over, letting yourself sink and melt and soften and relax.

Experience your body through your senses first – noticing the experience you are having with your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. What is it like to interact with the space around you?

Then turn your attention inward, feeling your own body and the miracle that it is – no matter how many ailments you may be dealing with.

Notice your emotions. They are always taking you on a ride – with a little awareness, the ride can be more of an adventure than a wild, perilous journey.

Sense the space around your body – a sphere around you about an arms length all the way around. What does it feel like? What do you experience when you put your attention on it?

Notice how you feel  – physically, emotionally and energetically – feel the pulse that says


“I am ALIVE and part of the great matrix of all existence –  the same “stuff” that causes a flower to bloom and stars to shine is that same energy that animates you – right now – you in your current Earth Suit. This Earth Suit is a Divine Creation and wants to be recognized and treated as such.”

Embodying and expressing this Life Force as we go through our days is what creates a wonderful sense of Feminine Presence and changes how we relate to the world around us – and how others respond to us.

This makes all the difference when we want to make a greater impact in all our relationships – business and personal, at home and at work. When we want to step forward and ask for what we want – new opportunities in business, a raise, new rules around the house, boundaries, and of course, love. Our presence is the game changer in every conversation before we’ve even opened our mouth.

We can affect this change in our lives with some simple awareness.

Join me on September 24 for an uplifting and nourishing afternoon where I will share some practices that will allow you to experience more presence – and more joy – in your life.

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The Art of Being Seen and Heard as a Woman in Business

See and Hear you then!

Namaste and Love to You.

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